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About Priyanca

I grew up sketching in my notebooks during my days at boarding school, and would often getting reprimanded for drifting into daydreams. My friends would eagerly hand over their notebooks, seeking out my illustrations for their covers, and in return, I’d receive payment in candy. It was clear to me early on that I wasn’t destined for a traditional academic path. Nothing ignited my passion quite like art and the act of creation from my imagination.

My time at the London College of Fashion ushered me into a realm of profound art appreciation. Surrounded by venerable museums steeped in history, I found inspiration for countless unique designs as a budding fashion designer. Upon relocating to America, I took a leap into the photography world by launching a fashion blog whimsically titled ‘The Fashionton Press’ (admittedly cheesy, but it captured my spirit). This venture ignited a fervor for photography and visual arts within me.

As a passionate advocate for women, I am deeply committed to uplifting and empowering them. Photography, in particular, holds power to enhance confidence and reveal the true essence of individuals. My mission is help women embark on this transformative experience through photography, allowing them to unlock their inner superpowers.

My spiritual beliefs affirm that the universe orchestrates connections with remarkable individuals, leading to opportunities for meaningful impact. Some of my most cherished friendships have blossomed from former client relationships, transcending the realm of photography to enrich our lives in profound ways. Together, I hope we can co-create beauty and significance, leaving a positive imprint on each other’s journeys and the world.

From early on, I recognized that my calling wasn’t confined to a single pursuit. Today, the term “multi-hyphenate” aptly describes my diverse interests and talents. Whether lending my voice to audio tours at the MET museum, discussing fine art, or crafting breathtaking interiors while renovating my home, I find joy in every facet of creation.

New York City Photographer

Photos that transcend time & culture

Priyanca is based out of New York City and specializes in creative documentary style photography.

Priyanca Rao received formal training in fashion design at the London College of Fashion and has been working in the photography and fashion design industry since 2003. Priyanca was named top #50 photographers in the world by Fearless photographers in 2023 and top #4 in the USA.

When she is not photographing weddings and portraits, you can find her on the streets of New York City, photographing people. She is also a photography mentor and educator who is passionate about helping other photographers refine their art.

She has been featured in Street Photography Magazine, Maharani weddings, The Knot, Wedding Sutra, Brides UK, Sabyasachi Bride, Party Slate, South Asian Bride Magazine, Huff Post and Mandala Wedding Magazine.

Priyanca Rao is a published photographer and her documentary work was featured in Photoville in June 2023.

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award winning photographer in New York City

NYC wedding photographer Priyanca Rao is internationally acclaimed and known for creative documentary wedding photography. Priyanca was named ‘Best wedding photographer in NYC’ by Photographer USA Magazine. Her ability to composite photos using beautiful light and magical moments is what won her many awards as a top wedding photojournalist. She is the Top Fearless wedding photographers in NYC, USA and worldwide, as well as a Wed Award and Weddison Award winner.

what to expect

Working with Priyanca

Let’s connect

We’ll chat on the phone before the booking process. We will meet you in person before your wedding and have a heart to heart, so we can form a strong connection.

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Documentary Style

Our documentary style tells a visual story that marries the wedding venue with your personalities, be it a barn, the NYC skyline or colorful Brooklyn street art.

The small details

We focus on not just the big moments, but the tiniest moments that can easily be missed. For example, the way you apply mascara or your brother helping button your shirt and totally messing it up! The imperfections are just as important.

capture THE REAL YOU

For this, we really get to know you personally and understand your story. We want to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience on your wedding day, so we can really capture who you are.

Feel at ease

No matter how camera shy you are, we know how to loosen you up to get those laughs and very natural looking pictures.


We look for unusual angles, perspectives
and compositions that will make your images pop.

Photography should be powerful, heart-tugging, emotional, something that transcends time and cultures. My aim is to make the viewer feel like they were really there!

Priyanca Rao

How would you describe your photography style?

In two words ARTISTIC DOCUMENTARY. We love to photograph real moments that are unscripted and authentic. Our photos are bold and creative. During the portrait sessions we do very little posing. Instead we direct our clients to engage each other and create natural moments. We do take a handful of posed shots for your mom, because a wedding is about making everyone happy! We use light in a creative way in our photography, so our work tends to be high contrast and bold. At the end of the day, what sets us apart from everyone else, is our storytelling ability to capture the in-between moments that makes your photos unique. Although our studio Priyanca Rao Photography is located in New York City, we travel anywhere to document your wedding photography and cinematography.

How long have you been in business? What is the history?

Priyanca received formal training in fashion design at the London College of Fashion and started her career in fashion design before finding her calling for photography.   In 2013, Priyanca transitioned to full-time professional photography and established Priyanca Rao Photography, LLC. In 2018 we introduced wedding videography and cinematography services. Check our portfolio section to see a wedding videography in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Long Island, West Coast and more!

What distinguishes your work from that of other photographers?

We are very involved right from the beginning to avoid any glitches on your wedding day. Our goal is to let you live in the moment on your big day, and let us capture the candid moments you will miss! Our team is very organized and communicative right from the start. We ask you to fill out information sheets that will help us plan your wedding photography the way you envision it. Rest assured, you will not have to micro manage on your big day, but rather relax, talk to guests and look gorgeous in all your pictures. As one of the top wedding photographers in the world, we have worked at all the best wedding venues in New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, DC, San Fransisco, LA, Bahamas, Florida, Mexico, India and more.

Creativity is most important to us. We look for unusual angles, perspectives and compositions that will make your images pop. Our documentary style tells a visual story that marries the wedding venue with your personalities, be it a barn, the NYC skyline or colorful Brooklyn engagement session with street art. We scout potential locations for pictures and prepare ahead of time. When we shoot at new wedding destinations, we do our research beforehand and come up with exotic location ideas for portraits.

We are all very laid back and humor is an integral part of our team. We know how to loosen you up to get those laughs and very natural looking photos, no matter how camera shy you are. 

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Our style makes us a natural fit for multicultural fusion weddings. We have experience documenting all types of weddings including same sex, South Asian wedding photography, Indian weddings, Pakistani weddings, Jewish weddings and Asian weddings.

What type of equipment do you use?

We use all Pro Fujifilm with prime lenses along with back up cameras. Our Pro lenses are very sharp and give a nice shallow depth of field that make your pictures look dreamy. We also carry professional lighting for indoor photography during the ceremony and reception. Priyanca is also a Magmod Ambassador for pro lighting modifiers. Our NYC wedding photography studio is minimalist with gear and maximalists with storytelling.

Do you share all the raw files after an event? 

No, because we can do better than raw images! When you book us, you are paying for our professional set of eyes that is trained to only pick the best of the best. You will receive a well rounded gallery with a nice range of shots that fits our style.

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