Becky and Rob

Becky and Rob’s wedding is so so special to me, especially because they have become close friends. I truly understand what is important to them. Their families: Rob was home schooled and the oldest of six siblings. They are so close knit and their bond was so evident throughout the day. His father, a pastor and amazing human delivered a speech at the ceremony and talked about the power of faith. The ceremony gave me goose bumps start to end. This was hands down one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever had the honor of photographing. If faith could be felt and photographed this is the closest I can get! The hands, closed eyes, singing and the sermon brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Becky has their beauty and personality that radiates so bright. She also has a contagious laugh that echo’s in your heart (Sorry Becks!!). Right from her getting ready she was having a ball with her girls, family and friends. Their first look, more like first touch was on either side of the bride suite door, was one of the most amazing moment from the entire day. They just held hands and exchanged words, but didn’t see each-other, keep up with tradition. This made the walk down the aisle even more special.

Their reception party was something else. I have never seen a group who can party this hard sans alcohol, and just being high on love. Each and every one there was present and engulfed in the moment.

Thanks guys for having me there, and I look forward to a life time of friendship with you both. You mean a lot to me! Love you guys!

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