Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding

This Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding was absolutely breathtaking. Arthi and Alex’s families were so warm and enthusiastic resulting in beautiful emotional photos. Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a wonderful venue for an Indian wedding. The colors of the flowers and venue mirror the Indian culture and its richness. Their portraits are creative and authentic. The sangeet event at Box Hotel Brooklyn was perfectly set with the backdrop of the NYC skyline!


Shout out to Tara M Events for planning and flawless execution (Indian wedding planner based in New York City). Cinderella Bridez for hair and makeup (Indian bridal makeup). Indian wedding Decor by Elegant Affairs. Big shout out to my photo sister Amber Henry for second shooting with me and make this so fun! If you are looking for a Brooklyn Botanic wedding photographer, you are at the right place!

Best photo spots in BBG

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden offers a multitude of beautiful spots for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the best spots within the garden:

  1. Cherry Esplanade: This area is particularly stunning during the spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. It features rows of cherry trees, creating a picturesque setting for walks and photography.
  2. Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden: This tranquil garden is inspired by traditional Japanese design and features a pond, stone bridges, and carefully pruned trees. It’s an ideal spot for a peaceful stroll and reflection.
  3. Rose Garden: The Rose Garden is a favorite among visitors, showcasing a wide variety of roses in full bloom. The colorful and fragrant blooms make it an enchanting place for couples and nature enthusiasts.
  4. Shakespeare Garden: Inspired by the plants and flowers mentioned in William Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets, this garden is a charming and literary-inspired space. It’s a delightful spot for romantic walks and enjoying the beauty of nature.
  5. Water Garden: The Water Garden is a serene oasis with a cascading waterfall and lush greenery. It offers a soothing and refreshing atmosphere, making it a perfect place to unwind and enjoy the sound of running water.
  6. Native Flora Garden: This garden showcases the diverse flora of the region, featuring plants and trees native to the northeastern United States. It’s an educational and visually appealing space, providing an opportunity to learn about local ecosystems.
  7. Magnolia Plaza: Another highlight of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is Magnolia Plaza, featuring various magnolia trees that bloom in early spring. The vibrant and fragrant blossoms create a magical atmosphere.
  8. Cranford Rose Garden: Known for its extensive collection of roses, the Cranford Rose Garden is a must-visit spot. With thousands of rose bushes representing different varieties and colors, it’s a feast for the senses.

Remember that the beauty of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden extends beyond these specific spots, and exploring the entire garden is a rewarding experience. Each season brings different highlights, so be sure to check the garden’s website for information on current blooms and events.

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