Dad’s Documentary Project

I have always been fascinated by the human mind and how we behave as humans. My father has a very complicated personality that often clashes with people around him, myself included. This photo project is an exploration of my father’s extraordinary personality. To me is unlike any other human being. He loves hard and holds grudges even harder. One minute you love him, another minute you wonder if it is the same person. There are labels for these but this documentary is not about giving labels.

I documented him going about his daily chores and activities trying to explore how my father and I were similar yet different. I can relate with his ability to hoard and not let go of materialistic things, including packaging and boxes, newspapers and other peoples trash. This project has since let me down a life of minimalism and having only the bare minimum, and keeping things simple. His office space is a shrine to family and friends who he has lost in his life. He starts everyday by remembering them and seeking their spiritual guidance. His home is a temple to himself with self portraits and art that he commissions himself. He has an unusual ability to love himself with all his flaws! I no longer see this as a flaw but as a blessing and kindness to self. I have learned so much about my dear father through this documentary that has inadvertently resulted in a better relationship between is and a much better understanding of myself.

Post incomplete, to be completed soon.

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