Desiree and Amit, Wythe Hotel Williamsburg Wedding

Desi and Amit’s wedding is the reason why I love shooting weddings! I first met Amit and his lovely fiancé Desiree a year ago at our Manhattan studio. When they left the consultation, they filled me with something. I cannot exactly describe what I felt but I wanted to shoot their wedding so bad. The story of how they met, the impact they had on each other’s lives and how they fulfilled each others brought tears to my eyes. When I asked them to describe something about each other Desiree would squeeze Amit’s hand! After they shared their stores they laughed together contagiously!

Which brings us to their wedding…I knew their wedding day was going to be special, and SPECIAL it was. Every moment right from the getting ready to the first look, ceremony and the epic toasts at the reception were filled with REAL and insanely crazy moments. Desi’s ‘A team’ of sisters ingeniously troubleshooted her wedding dress glitches during the getting ready. The Wythe Hotel was the perfect backdrop for this quirky couple with its sweeping views of NYC and mural filled streets. The ceremony, which was officiated by Desi’s brother in law Charley, was non-traditional just like the couple. He made everyone laughed at his pun filled ceremony and references. Amit’s speech at the reception couldn’t have been straighter from the heart. He brought everyone close to tears and sealed the bond between both families. Amit and Desi tore down the dance floor at the Wythe Hotel with their epic bangra moves, screams and laughter.

Venue- Whythe Hotel

Event- Laura Remmert

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