Top Engagement Photo Locations in NYC

Welcome to the vibrant city of New York, where love and romance blend seamlessly with urban charm and iconic landmarks. When it comes to capturing the joy and excitement of your engagement, no city can compare to New York City. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top locations for engagement photos in New York. As an expert NYC engagement photographer, I have handpicked these pretty locations to help you create unforgettable memories. From lush parks to historic neighborhoods, to hidden gems, here are the best engagement photo locations in NYC, ensuring your special moments are beautifully preserved forever.

Importance of Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoot is not just beautiful snapshots; they are an opportunity to celebrate your love and mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life. These photos will be cherished for years to come and shared with friends, family, and even future generations. Therefore, choosing the right NYC engagement photo locations is crucial to create images that reflect your love story and capture the essence of this beautiful City.

Factors to Consider for Engagement Photos NYC Locations
Before we dive into the best locations, let’s consider some essential factors to keep in mind when selecting engagement spots in NYC. These factors will help ensure that your chosen location meets your expectations and enhances the overall aesthetic of your photos.

  1. Scenic Beauty
    Choose locations that offer natural beauty and scenic vistas. New York City boasts stunning parks, waterfronts, and urban landscapes that can provide a visually captivating backdrop
  2. Iconic Landmarks
    Including iconic landmarks in your engagement photos can add a touch of grandeur and timelessness. Look for locations that feature famous structures or recognizable New York City landmarks.
  3. Variety of Settings
    Opt for locations that offer diverse settings within close proximity. This allows you to capture different moods and aesthetics without the need for extensive travel.
  4. Accessibility and Convenience
    Consider the accessibility and convenience of the location for both you and your photographer. Easy access and proximity to transportation can make the photoshoot more enjoyable and efficient.
  5. Privacy and Crowds
    Balance the desire for popular spots with the need for privacy. Some locations may attract large crowds, which can affect the intimacy of your photos. Find a balance between popular places and quieter areas for more intimate shots.

Top locations for Engagement session in NYC

Central Park: Where Nature Meets Romance

Bow Bridge

central park bow bridge engagement photos proposal

The iconic Bow Bridge in Central Park is a favorite spot for engagement photos in NYC. This picturesque bridge offers a romantic and serene setting, surrounded by lush greenery and the tranquil waters of the lake.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

Bethesda terrace engagement photos central park

Located in the heart of Central Park, Bethesda Terrace is a magnificent architectural structure with stunning tile work, intricate carvings, grand staircase and a magnificent fountain, all combining to create an atmosphere of opulence and romance. The terrace provides a majestic scenery for outdoor engagement photos, with its sweeping views of the park and the iconic.

Bethesda Fountain

Bethesda fountain engagement photos central park

Central Park, an urban oasis nestled in the heart of Manhattan, is considered one of the top engagement photo locations in NYC. This iconic location provides countless photo ideas for unique engagement photos that perfectly capture the essence of your love. Central Park is a timeless choice that guarantees mesmerizing photos.

The Mall

central park foliage engagement photos fall

The Mall is a tree-lined pathway in Central Park, adorned with beautiful American elm trees. To get classy engagement photos, this scenic location offers a dreamy atmosphere, especially during the spring and autumn seasons when the trees are in full bloom or ablaze with vibrant colors.

Shakespeare Garden

central park engagement photos

Nestled within the Central Park, Shakespeare Garden provides a romantic and whimsical ambiance for best engagement photos. The garden is adorned with beautiful flowers, shrubs, and winding paths, offering an idyllic setting reminiscent of a fairy tale. Imagine strolling hand in hand with your loved one while we capture your candid moments of pure love and joy.

Brooklyn Bridge Park: A Captivating Brooklyn Gem

Brooklyn bridge park dumbo engagement photos
Priyanca Rao Wedding Photography

The Brooklyn Bridge itself is an iconic symbol of New York City and serves as a breathtaking backdrop for cool engagement photos. Capture the timeless charm of the bridge, either on the pedestrian walkway or at nearby viewpoints and park that showcase the Manhattan skyline.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge engagement photos

For a truly symbolic and stunning background, head to the majestic Brooklyn Bridge.

As you and your partner stand against the iconic suspension cables, the city skyline forms a breathtaking panorama behind you. Best time to shooting on the bridge is – early morning or late afternoon as it provides soft, golden light for your NYC engagement photography.

We experiment with different perspectives and angles, capturing the interplay of steel and stone against the scenic beauty of the East River.


brooklyn dumbo engagement photos

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (DUMBO) is a trendy neighborhood with cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. This NYC engagement photoshoot creates a magical setting by blending the bridge, architecture, and waterfront in your pictures.

Jane’s Carousel

Jane's carousel engagement photos

Located within Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jane’s Carousel is a beautifully restored vintage carousel that adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your engagement photos. The carousel, set against the backdrop of the city, creates a unique and delightful atmosphere for timeless New York City engagement pictures.

Pebble Beach

dumbo engagement photos brooklyn bridge park

Pebble Beach is a secret nestled along the shoreline of Brooklyn Bridge Park. This serene location offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and the East River, making it an ideal spot for a romantic and quiet engagement session.

The High Line: Urban Chic with a Twist

highline engagement photos

Transformed from an old railway line, the High Line is now a remarkable elevated park that spans the western edge of Manhattan. This urban oasis stretches above the bustling streets, offering a blend of greenery, contemporary art installations, and stunning city views. Explore the different sections of the High Line and discover hidden nooks where you can get creative engagement photos. The juxtaposition of nature and urban elements provides endless possibilities, ensuring your photos reflect the vibrant spirit of New York City.

The Rail Yards

highline engagement photos

The High Line is an elevated linear park built on a historic freight rail line. The Rail Yards section offers an industrial-chic ambiance, with its exposed tracks, greenery, and cityscape views. It’s a distinctive location that adds an urban flair to your engagement photos.

Chelsea Market Passage

highline engagement photos

As you stroll along the High Line, make a stop at the Chelsea Market Passage and Immerse yourselves in the vibrant and eclectic atmosphere. This covered walkway features vibrant murals, colorful tiles, and charming shops, providing a lively and artistic atmosphere for your engagement photos.

The Vessel

The Vessel Engagement photos

At the northern end of the High Line, you’ll find The Vessel, a unique modern and architectural masterpiece featuring intertwining staircases and panoramic views of the city. The futuristic design of The Vessel creates a visually captivating setting and offers an opportunity to create candid engagement photos.

Iconic Landmarks: Love in the City

Times Square

Times square engagement photos

If you searching for the best engagement photo spots in NYC, look no further than Times square. Embrace the vibrant energy of New York City by having your engagement photos taken in the heart of Times Square. The dazzling billboards, bustling crowds, and iconic yellow taxis create a dynamic and electrifying setting for your photos.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET)

MET museum engagement photos

Step into a world of grandeur and elegance by choosing the Metropolitan Museum of Art as one of most iconic spots in NYC. This museum is not only a world-renowned cultural institution but also offers a backdrop of timeless beauty for your photos.

The Cloisters

Cloisters engagement photos Fort tryon park

Transport yourself to a medieval world of romance at The Cloisters, located in Fort Tryon Park. This branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art showcases stunning medieval European architecture and breathtaking gardens.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central station engagement photos

Grand Central Terminal is a historic transportation hub with a breathtaking Beaux-Arts architecture. The main concourse, adorned with its celestial ceiling and iconic clock, exudes old-world charm and provides a touch of timeless elegance to your engagement photoshoot.

Coney Island

For classic NY spot for photos, head to Coney Island for a whimsical and fun-filled engagement photoshoot. This lively amusement park is full of colorful rides, a lively boardwalk, and a nostalgic charm that will add a playful touch to your photos. Result?

Battery Park

Oculus engagement photos battery park freedom tower

Situated along the waterfront, Battery Park offers stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and Oculus at the Freedom Tower. The amalgamation of nature and cityscape creates a captivating story for iconic engagement photos.

The Top of the Rock

top of the rock engagement photos

Ranked as one of the top engagement spots in NYC, head to the Top of the Rock observation deck for stunning views of the City skyline. Scale the heights of the Rockefeller Center and marvel at the panoramic view that stretch as far as the eye can see. Capture your love against the scenic towering skyscrapers, with the Empire State Building majestically punctuating the cityscape. The best time to shoot at the Top of the Rock is during the golden hour, when the warm, soft light bathes the city in a magical glow.


Dumbo engagement photos williamburg

If you’re looking for a hip and artistic vicinity with a vibrant atmosphere, Williamsburg in Brooklyn is the place for engagement photo shoot in NYC. The neighborhood’s vibrant street art, charming cafes, and hipster vibe create a unique ambiance for capturing your love. Explore the colorful graffiti-covered walls or take a stroll along the lively Bedford Avenue, showcasing the artistic and energetic spirit of Williamsburg.

The New York Public Library

New York Public Library engagement photos

The New York Public Library is an architectural masterpiece and a symbol of knowledge and culture. Its majestic reading rooms, grand staircases, and intricate details offer a classic and refined backdrop for your engagement photos. The library’s majestic marble exterior, adorned with impressive lion sculptures, offers a timeless and elegant setting for capturing your special moments.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

BBG Brooklyn Botanic Garden Engagement Photos

Escape the urban hustle and bustle and immerse yourselves in the serene oasis of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This botanical wonderland is a paradise for nature lovers and a dreamy location for engagement pictures, with its blooming flora, lush gardens, and enchanting landscapes. Depending on the season, you can capture the vibrant colors of cherry blossoms in spring or the rich hues of autumn foliage.

The Streets of Greenwich Village and West Village

West Village Meat packing engagement photos

With its quaint streetscapes and bohemian atmosphere, the West Village offers a romantic setting for your engagement session. For boho engagement photos, meander through the charming streets lined with brownstones, vibrant gardens, and cozy cafes. Discover hidden gems like Washington Mews, a pleasant cobblestone alley flanked by historic townhouses.

Roosevelt Island

Located in the East River, Roosevelt Island offers a unique and scenic location for NYC winter engagement photos. Capture your love against the scenery of the island’s iconic landmarks, such as the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse or the historic ruins of the Smallpox Hospital.

Prospect Park

Prospect Park Engagement photos

Escape to the heart of Brooklyn and discover the beauty of Prospect Park. With its sprawling meadows, tranquil lakes, and enchanting woodlands, this urban oasis provides a striking setting for fun photography.

The New York Botanical Garden

New York Botanical Garden engagement photos NYBG

Escape to a world of nature, at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, for beautiful engagement photos. This sprawling oasis boasts stunning gardens, serene ponds, and picturesque landscapes.

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea piers engagement photos

If you’re looking for a location that combines waterfront charm with city views, Chelsea Piers is an excellent choice. This sports and entertainment complex along the Hudson River offer a variety of scenic spots for engagement photos.

The Flatiron Building and madison square park

Flatiron engagement photos

Known for its distinctive triangular shape, the Flatiron Building in Manhattan is an architectural gem. Use its iconic facade as a backdrop for your engagement photos, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your images. We can head over to Madison Square Park for some photos and also grab ice cream at Eately!

The Rooftops of NYC

NYC rooftop engagement photo shoot

New York City’s skyline is unforgettable. Consider capturing the priceless moments of your surprise engagement photos from one of the many rooftop venues in NYC. These elevated locations provide breathtaking views of the cityscape, offering a romantic and glamorous backdrop for your photos. Some of our favorites are Empire State building Rooftop, One Vanderbilt, The Summit, The edge, One Freedom Tower and Top of the Rock.

New York City offers an abundance of incredible locations for your engagement photoshoot, each with its own unique charm and character. The possibilities are endless. Looking for Best NYC Engagement Photographers, we have got you covered. At Priyanca Rao Photography, we are dedicated to ensuring that your engagement photos surpass your expectations and capture the essence of your love story. Our skilled photographers will artfully utilize these extraordinary locations, harnessing their magic to create images that will be cherished for a lifetime. Choose one of these remarkable NYC engagement photo locations and let us help you create unforgettable memories

Ready to capture your love story in NYC? Contact us today to book your engagement photo session or visit our website for more information and view our portfolio of breathtaking photos.

Ready to capture your love story in NYC? Contact us today to book your engagement photo session or visit our website for more information and view our portfolio of breathtaking photos.


What should we wear for our engagement photos in NYC?

When choosing your attire, consider the location backdrop colors and the season. Opt for outfits that complement each other and reflect your personal style. It’s important to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident, as it will shine through in your photos.

Can I have multiple outfit changes during the photoshoot?

Yes, having multiple outfit changes can add variety to your engagement photos. Coordinate with your photographer to plan the logistics and ensure enough time is allocated for outfit changes.

Should I hire a professional hair and makeup artist for the photoshoot?

We include professional hair and make up in our engagement session fee. Inquire about scheduling hair and make up for your shoot.

How long does an engagement photoshoot typically last?

On average, a photoshoot can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Allow one hour for hair and make up before your shoot.

How soon can we expect to receive our engagement photos?

Our turn around time for fully retouched photos is 2-4 days after your selection meeting. Albums and wall art can take upto 6 weeks and are made in Italy.

Check out more top engagement locations nyc in our full engagement shoot portfolio, email us here to learn more and get pricing for your dream engagement session in NYC.

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