Fred and Sylvia

Fred and Sylvia’s beautiful wedding ceremony at Grace Redeemer Church was moving and emotional. With strong ties to the church the ceremony was so personal and felt like it was officiated by a friend who really knew who there were and what they meant to each other.

It was a beautiful day out in Overpeck County Park, with the drawbridge and locals fishing in the lake providing a nice backdrop to their photo. It is an absolute joy to photograph people who are able to engage and amuse each other during a photo session. Sylvia made Fred crack up with her contagious laughter. Fred worked his ‘Rock’ impersonations to keep Sylvia entertained and giggling. This continued pretty much the entire evening through their toasts and dancing at the reception. The little flower girl was such an entertainer with her awesome moves and twirls. Sylvia and Fred you guys are go good together! Congratulations and God bless.

Priyanca XO

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