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Designer wedding album and wall art


What would it feel like to hold a custom made heirloom wedding album in your hands that tells the story of your wedding day? What would it mean to share this story with your children and grandchildren?

Digital files get lost in the clouds over time and individual photographs do not have the capacity to tell a story the way your custom album can. These heirloom pieces are the beginning of your legacy and allow you to bring your love story to life through print for yourselves and for generations to come.

Choose between our four top-of-the-line wedding and family heirloom album options. Book an album consultation today to hear about our album options and request a studio product brochure with pricing. 

heirloom wedding album wallart

heirloom wedding albums and wall art

Rahul and Jesse’s wedding album

A little behind the scene video where Priyanca meets with Rahul and Jess to show them their wedding album for the very first time!

  • Minimal in design with focus on the story
  • Virtual draft for approval
  • The final product is a graphically strong album and a vibrant story
  • Our wedding album and wall art is designed in NYC, and made in Italy

heirloom wedding album wallart

Heirloom wall art

Stunning wall art for your home

Commissioning us to photograph your portraits is like hiring a painter to paint your picture.  We hunt down art when we travel and in antique stores. Our wall collection is designed to raise the sensual experience of your images to an entirely different level. This is what makes our wedding albums and wall art unique!

  • Modern acrylic, vivid metal, warm canvas or classic framed portrait art
  • Museum quality archival wall art
  • Different styles to fit your home decor and tastes
  • Make your photo the focal point of any room
  • As NYC studio portrait photographer, your beautiful digital photos are induced
  • Check out the wall art from this Indian wedding

Commissioning us to photograph your portraits is like hiring a painter to paint your picture”

Priyanca Rao


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Photo Ice Cubes


Why should I purchase prints?

Photos are not just for saving on our computers but for enjoying everyday as art. We use the most luxurious art manufacturers in Italy. We want to combine quality photography and amazing wall art/ albums to give you something truly one of a kind.

Can I print my own photos?

Yes you can, but there is going to be a huge discrepancy in the quality of the photography that you receive (which will be stunning) and the printed products. Its like buying a Ferrari and parking it on the streets of NYC during a snow storm 😉 We want the prints and albums to match the high quality work that we produce for you. We want your friends to drool over your wall art and for your parents to steal your designer heirloom albums!

What distinguishes your products from that of other photographers?

Our products are manufactured in one of the top art manufacturing units in Italy. All our albums are handmade in America and Italy in a solar powered facility. Our studio designer will send you proofs of all the artwork before it is sent for printing and we will hand deliver it to you at our NYC studio. As New York City portrait photographers we care so much about your beautiful wall art and albums.

Can we see some real samples?

Absolutely! We have stunning portrait and family wall art pieces and albums at our New York City studio. Book a consultation below to come check them out in person over a glass of vino!

Capture your moment.