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When Nikhila and Rohit’s were looking for a South Indian Telugu wedding photographer for their beautiful New Jersey wedding, they didn’t realize I actually came from South India myself! The similarities in their Telugu wedding was so close to my own Kannada wedding. The beautiful silk sari, Silk kaccha, and braid with gold made me so nostalgic about the motherland. Everything about this wedding was down to earth, traditional and real with some really fun games during the ceremony! Thank you Danny, Tiem and Paul for helping with this wedding.

Telugu wedding customs

Telugu weddings, which are traditional South Indian weddings, are filled with rich cultural traditions and rituals. Here are some of the key Telugu wedding traditions:

  1. Pendlikoothuru: This pre-wedding ritual involves applying a paste of turmeric and oil on the bride and groom’s bodies by their respective family members. It is believed to cleanse and purify them before the wedding.
  2. Kashi Yatra: In this playful ritual, the groom pretends to leave for Kashi (Varanasi) as a renunciant. The bride’s brother convinces him to marry his sister, and the groom returns to the wedding venue.
  3. Mangala Snanam: The bride and groom take a ceremonial bath separately before the wedding. It is considered a purifying ritual that prepares them for the auspicious occasion.
  4. Gauri Puja: The bride performs a special puja dedicated to Goddess Gauri for blessings and prosperity in her married life. This puja involves offering prayers and performing rituals.
  5. Jeelakarra Bellam: As part of the wedding ceremony, the couple applies a mixture of cumin and jaggery on each other’s heads. This symbolizes their inseparability and the sweetness in their relationship.
  6. Madhuparkam: During this ritual, the bride wears a white cotton saree with a red border. The groom presents her with a silk saree, which she changes into, signifying her transition into married life.
  7. Kanyadaan: The bride’s father gives her away to the groom, symbolizing the transfer of responsibility and guardianship. The couple holds hands while the priest recites mantras.
  8. Mangalsutra and Saptapadi: The groom ties the mangalsutra (sacred thread) around the bride’s neck, symbolizing their marital bond. The couple then takes seven steps together around the sacred fire, representing their seven vows and promises to each other.
  9. Talambralu: The bride and groom exchange garlands multiple times as a symbol of acceptance and love. They also shower each other with turmeric-colored rice, signifying prosperity and fertility.
  10. Sthaalipaakam: The couple places their hands on a grinding stone, representing their shared responsibilities in married life.

These are just a few of the many Telugu wedding traditions that take place during the ceremonies. Telugu weddings are known for their colorful rituals, vibrant attire, and joyous celebrations, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the Telugu community.


Indian decor : Abhishek Decor

Venue : The Heldrich Hotel New Jersey

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