Kathy and Jay, Chinese Tea Ceremony Asian wedding

Kathy and Jay are had an incredible wedding at Cipriani, planned impeccably by the awesome Tracy Taylor Ward and photographed by none other than the talented Susan Stripling. It was fairytale affair, modern and very NYC. When Kathy asked me to photograph her traditional tea ceremony the day before the wedding, an intimate affair only for her near and dear, I jumped at the chance. The contrast and intimacy from the actual wedding was appealing and I could not wait to capture the great moments in this setting. The tea ceremony is a 1200 year tradition where the bride and groom show respect to the elders in the family by offering tea and taking their blessings. Close family give presents and support the soon to be wed couple. Seeing Kathy and Jay surrounded by their awesome family and to be able to photograph this traditional age old ceremony was such an honor. Congratulations guys! XO

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