Liz and Blue- Gowanus, Brookyn Couple Shoot

Liz and Blue are such special kind of human beings, the best friend married couple kind. They have been together for 10 amazing. I have known Liz for many years working in the Event industry. She is one of the badass owners of Tinsel Design. Liz met Blue on Myspace when they both worked at Columbia University, and once they met in person they were inseparable. I met them at their almost empty Brooklyn apartment for this day in the life (more like move of their lives) session! As Liz and Blue brewed bulletproof coffee, and created this amazing concoction with coconut milk, turmeric and cinnamon in their Rock music mugs, we talked about their adventures and falling off the grid in Central America. After so many amazing years together in Brooklyn NY, they are off to start a new life together in Salt Lake City, Utah! Blue’s mother Camille was around to help with packing for their big move. As we hung out at their home going about their morning routine and talking about life, the balance between these two + mom was so calming and rhythmic. That beautiful beat continued right through our walk around Brooklyn and we ended at a tattoo shop where they both got their wedding bands tattooed around their fingers. You have to check out the fine Italian Restaurant that just opened next door, the best in Brooklyn! Liz’s parents joined for a final goodbye lunch at their favorite spot in Brooklyn. Good Luck to you guys! Brooklyn will miss you both! Thanks for having me along for this day in the life session around you Gowanus Brooklyn and letting me document your beautiful story.

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