Life in movement

Priyanca Rao cinematography services are available along with our photography packages. We introduced wedding videography in 2018 to compliment our photography style- documentary storytelling with focus on real moments. We build anticipation and interest in your story by shooting unique angles and environmental references of where the story unfolds.  ‘Who is with you’ is another important part of the story. Our special sauce are your beloved family and friends! They add to the emotional aspect of your story. We want to take you through a  rollercoaster of feelings, as you watch the finished wedding cinema.

As New York City videographers, we know all the beautiful locations for wedding videography and cinematography here in NYC. If you decide to get married in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Long Island and Connecticut, check with us if we have worked at your venue before. Our philosophy applies to all the various locations we travel to in America and beyond to create film.

what to expect

Working with Priyanca

Let’s connect

We’ll chat on the phone before the booking process. Priyanca will meet you in person before your wedding, drink wine and have a heart to heart, so we can form a strong connection. Book a consultation.

Documentary Style

Our documentary style tells a visual story that marries the wedding venue with your personalities, be it a barn, a luxurious New York City wedding venue or urban Brooklyn street art.

The small details

We focus on not just the big wedding moments, but also the tiniest moments that are usually dismissed. The way you apply mascara, your bother helping button your shirt and totally messing it up! The imperfections are as important.

capture THE REAL YOU

For this we really get to know our you personally and understand your story. We want to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience on your wedding day, so we can really capture who you are.

Feel at ease

No matter how camera shy you are, we know how to loosen you up to get those laughs and very natural looking pictures.


We look for unusual angles, perspectives
and compositions that will make your images pop. We use beautiful professional lighting to create unique custom wedding portraits based on your story.


How would you describe your cinematography style?

Our wedding cinematography is meant to compliment our photography and our style is ARTISTIC DOCUMENTARY. We love to document real moments that are unscripted and authentic to your story. Our videos are bold and creative. During the portrait sessions we do very little posing, rather we direct our clients to do activities or engage each other to create natural moments. But in the end of the day what sets up apart from everyone else, is our storytelling ability to capture the in-between moments that makes your wedding videography unique.

How long have you been in business? What is the history?

We introduced Wedding Cinematography services in 2018 when one of our clients expressed that they loved our photography, but was struggling to find a videographer whose work complimented our style. That gave birth to our videography services and streamlining what we would offer that would be of value to our clients who value real moments. We only offer videography services alongside photography services.

What distinguishes your work from that of other cinematographers?

We introduced cinematography to match our photography style. ‘creative documentary’ cinematography that values real moments. Not posed or cheesy, but natural and authentic. Creativity is most important to us. We look for unusual angles, perspectives and compositions that will make your images pop. Our documentary style tells a visual story that marries the wedding venue with your personalities, be it a barn, the NYC skyline or colorful Brooklyn street art. We are the first ones to arrive at the wedding venue to scout out potential locations for pictures and prepare ahead of time. 

What type of equipment do you use?

We use Canon and Sony cameras for all out cinematography projects. Whenever possible we recored audio to use in our final edits.

Do you share all the raw footage after an event?

No, because you are hiring us to go through all those hours of footage and create an amazing video that you will watch over and over again. We offer a five – ten minute highlight film, a one minute social media teaser and a longer doc edit with ceremony, reception speeches and dances. Everything is customizable based on your needs.

Priyanca is based out of New York City and provides wedding and cinematography services around the world