Prashanth and Pavitra’s Petra Engagement shoot

This is officially my very first blog post and I have been running my business for 5 years now! It has taken me 5 years to get into blogging. There are several reasons it has taken so long, but this portrait session was a huge game changer. I wanted to document it forever, so its internet shelf life is eternal.

Prashanth and Pavitra are really close to my heart and when they asked me to take their portraits in Jordan and document their travel journal it was a real honor. The business and buzz of Jordan was so apparent the minute we landed, and capturing the layers of stories and visuals was a real challenge. Plus throw in a good measure of color overdose, livestock and these two amazing personalities. The way they interact with each other, push each other to try something new and outside of the box is so interesting to watch and shoot. Their zest for exploration and incapacity to stop trying new things is

such a joy to photograph. Best travel companies ever! Next stop Cuba…2017!! Hopefully I will still be updating this blog then. Until then enjoy these colorful pictures with my two favorite people.

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