Robin and Renee

I first met Robin last year in Canada when we both at the Two Mann workshop. Robin and I ended up sharing a car rental and on our long drive from Calgary to Canmore I got to hear stories of her beautiful family and her passion for photography. She is one hellava photographer and wife to beautiful Renee. Together they have four beautiful children- aka- R2A4! Over the course of the five day workshop, I felt like I knew each member of her family though her stories.

In the past, every time R2 visited NYC it poured and stormed and bad luck hit them big time. So, when Robin told me she was visiting NYC with Renee and wanted a portrait session, I sent a special prayer for clear skies and great weather.

There are so many options when it comes to taking portraits in NYC, where do you start? After much deliberation they picked Times Square, which to them summarizes the chaos and vibrance of NYC. We wandered around the buzzing square filled with performers, lights and tourists, then taking a cab to the path station and a train to Exchange place for some fabulous skyline shots.

Robin and Renee are so perfect together. Watching them engage each other and their special chemistry is amazing. They are so in love! I so enjoyed photographing R2 and now cannot wait to meet A4!! Come back soon…

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