Rohini and Peter, Manhattan Penthouse Weddding

The most beautiful aspect about being a wedding photographer in NYC is the diversity of the awesome couples we come across. Their love stories and how they connected in this huge melting pot. Rohini and Peter’s come from two completely different backgrounds yet their beliefs and requirements for their wedding was completely on the same page. They wanted their ceremony intimate and personal. In fact it was officiated by their very own friend at the Manhattan Penthouse. When we first met we talked about having their portraits shot right in a busy part of the city to try and capture some of that energy and buzz that surrounded them when they first met and fell in love. Shooting their portraits right in Washington park was crazy and scary. People walked into their shots, we embraced it with much creativity and used all the challenges to our advantage. I even rolled up my pants and got into the fountain right in the middle of Washington square park to get some cool water droplets from the fountain in the shot.

The fusion between Indian and Dutch was beautiful and meaningful. Rohini hand picked all her favorite Indian ceremony traditions that had relevance to their modern lives. The reception had a some fun dutch tradition where Peter’s friends picked him off the ground and cut his socks when his feet were mid air!!

The best part of the wedding that stick in my mind is one of the funniest and coolest ever and has everything to do with our awesome bride. Rohini has this contagious heart felt laugh that really makes everyone around her crack up. Right from their first look to the last beat on the dance floor she made Pete laugh over and over. Her family and friends joined in and the more we heard from them during the speeches and roasts the more we found out about her famous laugh, the one pete fell in love with! Trying to capture some of that genuine happiness and candid moments was definitely the most fulfilling for us as photojournalists. Congrats Rohini and Peter and may you both laugh together always!

Priyanca XO

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