Vermont Day in the Life session

A weekend break to Vermont was a long time coming and now with the travel limitations, a road trip up north seemed like the perfect time to check out the foliage. We were lucky to hit Vermont peak foliage period, this year it was a tad early because of the draught. The Doshi-Rices drove west from Boston and we headed North for this 4 hour road trip and family reunion. The cousins were over joyed to see each other after spending the entire summer together. Their closeness and bond is adorable. I also missed my sister in law (and BIL!!) after our weeks together in quarantine in NJ. Here are some of the highlight moments from our trails, adventures and explorations. Please note Radha’s snack eating has reached an all time high! She just perpetually walks with a bag of Bujia (Indian snacks) all day! As much as I love being with them one of my favorite activities is to document this family and to be able to share these moments with them as they grow up. This makes me happier than any trail and foliage!

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