What to wear for your headshots

Outfit 1- Basic:

Essential professional wear, that is easy to photograph in front of a white or grey backdrop. Use contrasting layers. Black on white or grey on white and the opposite. These are great for corporate headshots, LinkedIn headshots, staff photos and profile photos. These are also a great option for black and white photos. Basics are also a n excellent option for model and actor headshots. Basic clothes let us really focus on your facial features and personality.

Outfit 2- Solid Color:

This is a great option to show a little personality. Mix this up with jewelry and accessories. If you are not a colorful person, we can also use black or white in front of a solid bright background instead of showing color in your outfit. This is great for show action shots that show how only you are able to do what you do. A little flare if you like 😉

Option 3-Bold:

Bold colorful colors, patterns to show your unique personality. This works great for designer headshots, model headshot and actor headshots. Any artistic headshots look great in this wardrobe direction. Feel free to be as bold and brave with your prints and colors! This will really make you stand out as long as it matches what you are trying to share through your photos. always make sure that you are comfortable in what you select! If you are not sure bring is, and we will help you decide. This option is also great for dating profile photos that show more personality, your sense of fashion and a more extroverted feel! As your headshot photographer it is our job to be honest with you and share openly what works and what does not. Please ask us in advance if you are not sure what to bring.

Option 4- Professional oriented:

If you are getting specific headshots that show your industry then bring an outfit that shows what you do for a living. Doctor headshots, healthcare headshots are great examples of this category. Musicians also tend to bring performance outfits for their headshots as well as dancer headshots. Whatever professional head you are looking for in New York City, we will help you get the right expression and message across through our headshot photography.

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