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Newborn Portraits

Commissioning us to photograph your newborn portraits is like hiring a painter to paint your fine art picture.  We want to show how little they are when they are first born. The cuteness, the tininess and the joy of welcoming a newborn into your family. We create artistic wall art to enjoy on your wall forever. Photos should be tangible, exclusive and unique.  

We opted to get our child’s photos printed as wall-art and they are truly one of a kind. The kind you will find yourself staring at endlessly late at night because they are so beautiful.

Arnab G, New York

what to expect

Working with Priyanca


During your complimentary consultation we will plan and discuss ideas and location of your newborn session. We will also confirm and reserve your appointment time and date.

Book a consultation.


Our custom session include makeup for the mom. Try to relax and enjoy the experience of being pampered and getting in the right mood for your stunning photos. 


Your portrait selection appointment will occur either immediately after your session or within 7 days. We will present ideas for wall art album and other beautiful art products. Print orders will be placed at this appointment. 


Retouched digital photos are ready in 1 week. Wall art can take 4-6 weeks we will notify you that your art is ready for pick up for you to enjoy! 

Beautiful Art

Our made in Italy wall collection is designed to raise the sensual experience of your images to an entirely different level.

Whether you choose from modern acrylic, vivid metal, warm canvas or classic framed portrait art, you images will be perfectly stunning.   Our custom wall art give your favorite portraits a prominent presence in your home, allowing you to enjoy what you love most about your family every day. The best way to display portraits is to marry the collection with the style of your décor.


What is a fine art studio portrait photography session?

Priyanca Rao Photography we want to capture the real you through an authentic portrait photography experience. We want less awkward posing and more fun. Keeping it real will make your photo sessions more enjoyable and fun. We will direct rather than pose you throughout the session to bring out your best angles.

What is included in the ‘custom portrait session’?

We start with a phone consultation to understand your requirements. Our New York City Studio portrait session includes makeup artistry, photoshoot in a professional studio and photo selection. We reserve a whole session for you followed by photo selection.

What the photo be in digital or print?

We have many collections to pick from including digital, prints, albums and stunning wall art pieces that will make your friends drool!

Why should I purchase wall art?

Photos are not just for saving on our computers but for enjoying everyday as art. We use the most luxurious and unique art manufacturers in Italy and America. The mediums that we offer our clients are custom made to order, with the hope that the art products match the high quality of our portraits. We want to combine quality photography and amazing wall art/ albums to give you something truly out of the world.

Can I print my own photos?

Yes you can, but there is going to be a huge discrepancy in the quality of the photography that you receive (which will be stunning) and the printed products. Its like buying a Tesla and parking it on the streets of NYC during a snow storm.

 We want the prints and albums to match the high quality work that we produce for you. We want your friends to drool over your wall art and for your parents to steal your designer heirloom albums!

Capture your moment