Hanne from East Village

I started photographing Henna on January 25th 2022. Hanna is an artist living in East Village NYC. Hanna has stories, she draws, paints and makes beautiful sculptures putting East Village on the art map and creating a wonderful community in this quirky neighborhood. Nita (and Gale), Hanna’s neighbors have been her caretakers and friends, making sure she has a comfortable life in her old age. NYC is notorious for people not knowing who their neighbors are, but this documentary shows a beautiful neighborly bond that was formed despite all odds.

Updated: Hanne died 5 days later on January 30th 2022 peacefully. She was such an inspiration and a ray of light in everyone who knew her. Unfortunately, I only got to spend one morning with Hanne, Nita and Gale. But that one morning taught me many lessons and I am so honored to share their story via this photo slideshow.

Music Bensounds.

Hanne’s beautiful work can be seen here.




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