Jessica and Rahul- Terrace on Park

Jessica and Rahul’s wedding was so special right from the first time I met m at Bryant park. As they were telling me their story of how they came to be together, all the noise and mayhem of Bryant Park melted into the background and I was caught in the Jess/Rahul spider web. The way their lives were brought together for a short while but followed a different directing and how they eventually ended up in the same city and with each other again is total destiny! The other unique aspect of their wedding is the fusion of two beautiful cultures- Indian and Latin. Rahul’s Indian heritage and Jess’s love for color and fashion resulted in one of the most beautiful Hindu ceremonies I have had the pleasure of photographing. The Hindu Temple in Flushing was such a beautiful backdrop to this colorful couple. The action-packed day continued as they changed into their western outfits for the church ceremony. The most amazing aspect of their ceremony was the family priest who was struggling with Alzheimer but delivered the most beautiful and heartfelt blessing I have ever witnessed.

The reception at the Terrace on Park was a total fiesta! Not only did the evening bring together two amazing families and cultures, but Rahul wowed everyone with his Latina moves surrounded by some dramatic firework! The entire day I admired how these two beautiful families have come together and produced such a wonderful heartfelt event. The Indian hospitality and the Columbian partying, together the winning combo for any soiree!! Congratulations you guys and I am still spinning from this epic party! Thank you so much for having us and for treating us like family. Love you guys!! Thanks to La Bella Planners for helping us through out the day, Jeannine you are the best!

Grab a hot chai and enjoy the photos.

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