Jessy and Liju

Jessy is a planner, well not professionally but she is very organized and really on top of things. She had a beautiful vision for her wedding and it was simply perfect. I feel like I have known these two for years, especially since they booked me so way in advance for their wedding and we have been talking about their big day for so long. Right from the first time we met I was drawn to their relationship and chemistry. Liju is the instigator, mischief maker with a big heartfelt smile! He has the ability to makes Jessy laugh even when she is totally stressed out, he is her re-set button and the best chill pill. Jessy’s love for her family and what this wedding meant to her was evident right from the getting ready and intimate prayers at home with just her immediate family. She was surrounded by her closest friends and family as they all went through waves of emotions through the entire day. Her beautiful relationship with her little nephew was simply adorable and unique, making these interactions some of my favorite pictures from their day. Their wedding ceremony was at a beautiful historic Cathedral of the Incarnation in Long Island.

Their reception at Villa Lombardi was a riot! Starting with their epic entrance under a human canopy formed by their friends and the speeches that made everyone laugh and cry at the same time. Jessy’s father daughter dance with her dad was so emotional and beautiful. One of those moments where there is more hugging and less dancing, just really pulls at your heart and is a photojournalists dream.

Thanks Jessy James from Jessy J Events for holding down the fort and making everything run as planned. Thanks to Cinderella Bridez for glamming up the girls and making Jessy looks absolutely smashing on her wedding day.

Congrats to Jessy and Liju, you guys are so great for each other. I am glad you live so close by, and we can still hang out! Whoohoo!

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