Liz and Nil

Liz met Nil while he was working at the apple store in the Mall of Georgia. Liz came to return an item and he did her return. Long story short, he gave her a hard time about the return and then asked her when they were going out together. He embarrassed her because he was being so loud, yet made her laugh so much in the few minutes they interacted, she decided one date couldn’t hurt. On their first date Liz says she had never laughed so much in her life, and her cheeks still hurt the next day.

Although they both live in Atl they are both in love with NYC. Their mandatory first stop in the city is always the Chicken and waffle cart in Midtown. Liz and Nil love walking all over the city exploring its many surprises. It was quite natural for him to propose to her in NYC at Bow Bridge.

Nil’s love for limited edition sneakers made him a local celeb while shooting at Brooklyn Bridge Park, where tourists stopped us to check out his kicks.

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