Mukti and Aanand- Weehawken Engagement session

I am a great believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ which was exactly what Mukti and Aanand’s engagement session turned out to be. We were initially planning our shoot in Liberty State park at a swamp with beautiful city views. But unfortunately for us the police had blocked of the road to our destination and we were stuck without a location to shoot at. There is no place like home, so off we went to Weehawken, to shoot at their local neighborhood that is so personal to them. I love the spirit with which these two roll. Nothing could beat them down. Over and over that day we were faced with various challenges, but we made it work and their pictures turned kept getting better. I found a beautiful path that was unfortunately locked, so instead we shot on a hill and made that candid silhouette shot with some local flavor. We had to cancel Mukti and Aanand’s dance lesson since we were running late, but we kept rolling with great spirit. Mukti was on the fence about wearing her finale blue Indian outfit, which we all decided to photograph because she loved it so much. The photos God’s smiled down at me because the beautiful blues of the dress matched the purple pink sunset that appeared out of nowhere! The dramatic stormy sky was such a beautiful juxtapose to her dress and their love. I absolutely would have missed this epic sunset had things gone per our initial plan. So….I’ve learned to embrace the present. Thank you guys for being such great sports and for making my job so fun! Congratulations to you both and I absolutely cannot wait to photograph your wedding!!

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