Central Park Family Photographer

Central Park Family Photographer

Picking your Central Park Family photographer starts here with this blog post!

A family photoshoot at Central Park in New York City can be a wonderful way to capture lasting memories. Here are some steps to help you plan and make the most of your family photoshoot:

  1. Choose a Date and Time :
    • With our custom family session you get to pick the date and time for your Central Park family session. The best times to shoot at early in the morning or later in the evening. Think about when your kids are most active and up for having some fun in the park!
  2. Select a Location:
    • Central Park offers a variety of picturesque spots for family photos. Some popular locations include Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, Bow Bridge, Conservatory Garden, Gapstow Bridge, and the Central Park Zoo area.
    • Choose a location that reflects your family’s personality and style.
  3. Outfits and Coordination:
    • Coordinate outfits, but avoid overly matching. Choose complementary colors and styles that reflect your family’s personality.
    • Consider the park’s natural backdrop when selecting colors. Earthy tones often work well in outdoor settings.
    • Our custom session includes wardrobe styling and concept development.
  4. Central Park Family Photographer:
    • When you choose us as your Central Park family photographer we think of everything from wardrobe, locations, activities and even photo selection.
    • Our style is natural and candid with beautiful light. Make sure to look at our portfolio links below at the end of the post.
  5. Natural Poses and Candid Moments:
    • While some posed shots are great, also encourage natural interactions and candid moments. These often capture the genuine emotions and connections within your family.
  6. Relax and Have Fun:
    • Keep the atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable. When everyone is having fun, it shows in the photos.
  7. Patience with Children:
    • If you have young children, be patient and flexible. Allow breaks and time for them to explore and play.
  8. Review and Select Photos:
    • After the photoshoot, review the photos with us and select your favorite shots for editing and finalize a photo collection that is right for you.
  9. Editing and Final Touches:
    • We provide post-processing services to enhance the final images.
  10. Wall art and albums
    • We create beautiful wall art in our manufacturing unit in Italy. These custom luxury prints and wall art are one of a kind and created to compliment your home interiors.
    • Our designer Italian album line will melt your hearts and are the perfect accessories for your coffee tables! Check out our albums here.

Remember, the key to a successful family photoshoot is to capture the love, joy, and connection within your family. Central Park’s beautiful backdrop will undoubtedly add to the charm of your photos.

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