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This Guyanese Indian fusion wedding at Terrace on Park shows a unique blend of different cultural traditions and personal touches, which can make for some truly beautiful and memorable moments to photograph as a Queens wedding photographer.

Their portraits at sunset was at the Park in Flushing Queens, which was just a stones throw away. Natural lighting can really add to the beauty of a photograph and create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. If you are looking for a Guyanese Wedding Photographer Queens you have found the ones right here!

Guyanese weddings are rich in culture and traditions, reflecting the diverse heritage of the country. Here are some traditional elements often seen in Guyanese weddings:

  1. Sangeet: Prior to the wedding day, a Sangeet ceremony takes place, usually at the bride’s home. It involves lively music, singing, and dancing, where family and friends come together to celebrate and enjoy the festivities.
  2. Hindu Wedding Rituals: Many Guyanese weddings follow Hindu customs, such as the Mehendi ceremony, where the bride’s hands and feet are adorned with intricate henna designs. The Mandap ceremony is another significant ritual where the couple takes their vows in the presence of a priest and the sacred fire.
  3. Bridal Attire: The bride typically wears a traditional Indian outfit, such as a sari or lehenga, adorned with ornate jewelry and accessories. The groom may wear a sherwani or kurta with a turban or headpiece.
  4. Wedding Procession: The Baraat is a grand procession where the groom arrives at the wedding venue accompanied by family and friends. It is often accompanied by music, dancing, and sometimes even a horse or elephant for the groom’s arrival.
  5. Wedding Ceremony: The wedding ceremony is a blend of religious rituals, prayers, and blessings. The couple exchanges garlands as a symbol of their acceptance and love for each other. The bride’s father may also perform the Kanyadaan, symbolically giving away his daughter to the groom.
  6. Reception: Following the wedding ceremony, a reception is held, usually with elaborate decorations, entertainment, and a sumptuous feast. Traditional Guyanese dishes, as well as Indian and international cuisines, are served to the guests.
  7. Pheras and Sindoor: In Hindu weddings, the couple takes seven rounds (Pheras) around the sacred fire, each round representing a vow or promise they make to each other. After completing the rounds, the groom applies sindoor (red vermilion) on the bride’s forehead, symbolizing her married status.
  8. Money Dance: The money dance is a lively and fun tradition where guests pin money onto the bride and groom’s attire while dancing with them. It is a way for guests to shower the couple with blessings and financial support as they start their married life.

These are just a few examples of the traditions you may find in Guyanese weddings. Keep in mind that customs can vary depending on the specific cultural background and personal preferences of the couple. As a Guyanese Wedding Photographers we would love to document your special day for you!

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